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Boucom International BV

Company Profile

Since 1991 Boucom International is active in the processing and trading of recyclable plastics, destined to Plastic Industries in Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Boucom operates LDPE washing lines in Italy and Belgium, REGRIND and REPRO PELLET processing lines in Indonesia.

International trading activities and sales are centralized at the Dutch head offices in Hurdegaryp (Friesland)
Sell Products

Plastic Recycled / Reprocessed Granules LDPE Reprocess Pellet, HDPE Regrind & Repro Pellets, PP Repro Pellet, ABS Regrind & Reprocessed Pellet, HIPS Regrind
Buy Products

Plastic Recyclable Wastes Such As LDPE Film Scraps, Polyester Non Woven Scrap

LDPE Reprocessed Granules, HIPS Reprocessed Granules, ABS Reprocessed Granules, HDPE Reprocessed Granules, PP Reprocessed Granules, Polyester Scrap
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Company   Boucom International BV
Address Reisdroas 10
City / Zip Hurdegaryp 9254 JR
State Friesland
Country Netherlands / Holland
Person Mr. Josi M.A. Alaers
Designation International Sales Manager
Phone 31-511-471388 / 62-81376147322
Fax 31-511-473223
Email Send Mail
Web RecyclesTrade.com








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