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JinSung Machinery Co. Ltd

Company Profile

JIN SUNG Machinery Co., Ltd established by an engineer with over 20-year-career in the plastic foam production field, is a world class manufacturer of Plastic foam machinery and has dedicated itself to supplying of high quality machinery with a state of art technology through a continuous Research & Development.

"Service & Quality" is JIN SUNG Machinery Co., Ltd.'s foremost principle. JIN SUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. provides customers with complete package from plant setting, production know-how and training courses to regular maintenance. It offers continuous support and advice to the customers to improve their product quality and production efficiency, which enable customers to lead a market.

Our success depends upon the prosperity and satisfaction of our customers. With close customer liaison, all employees at JIN SUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. will never cease challenging new Technology and researching to meet customer's needs.
Sell Products

PS Foam Recycling Machines Line & PE Foam Recycling Equipment Plant Machinery

Plastic Scrap Grinder, Granulator Machine, Pelletizer, Foam Recycling Machine, Plastic Recycling Machine
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Company   JinSung Machinery Co. Ltd
Address 455-1, Seonweon-Ri,
Seonnam-Myeon, Seongjoo-Goon
City / Zip Gyeongsangbuk-Do 719-832
State Korea
Country Korea
Person Ms. Goonjoo-Ha
Designation Manager
Phone 82-54-931-8158
Fax 82-54-931-8157
Email Send Mail
Web http://www.jinsung-foam.com
Web RecyclesTrade.com








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