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Interhof Co Ltd

Company Profile

We Are Exporter of PE, PS, PET, PMMA, PVA, PA Scrap Waste & Prime / Off-Grade / Waste Material
Sell / Buy Products

Seller & Buyer of LDPE, HDPE, PS, PET, PMMA / Acrylic, PVA, PA, PTFE, ETFE, EFEP, FEP, PCTFE Scraps Wastes Materials

PS Scrap, LDPE Scrap, HDPE Scrap, PET Scrap, Nylon Scrap, PVC Scrap, PVA Scrap, Acrylic Scrap, ETFE Scrap, EFEP Scrap, FEP Scrap, PCTFE Scrap, PTFE Scrap
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Company   Interhof Co Ltd
Address 471-83 Ishimori Kanno-Cho
City / Zip Kakogawa 675-0005
State Hyogo
Country Japan
Person Mr. T.Uesugi
Designation Manager
Phone 81-90-8656-5384
Fax 81-78-784-2747
Email Send Mail
Web RecyclesTrade.com








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