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Icems Enterprise

Company Profile

We are exporter & importer of Plastic Recycle Raw Material of PE/PP/PETP/PS/ABS/HIPS/LDPE/HDPE/MDPE/PET Waste Scrap In Flake Pellet Form
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Seller & Buyer of Plastic Recycle Raw Materials of PE/PP/PETP/PS/GPPS/ABS/HIPS/PEEK/LDPE/HDPE/MDPE/PET Wastes Scraps In Flakes Pellets Form

PS Scrap, LDPE Scrap, Polypropylene Scrap, HDPE Scrap, PET Scrap, PET Flakes, Polypropylene Scrap, ABS Scrap, MDPE Scrap, GPPS Scrap, PEEK Scrap
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Company   Icems Enterprise
Address 127 Highclere Blvd
City / Zip Perth 6064
State Western Australia
Country Australia
Person Mr. Samir Said
Designation Managing Director
Phone 61431777202
Fax 61893420409
Email Send Mail
Web RecyclesTrade.com








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